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Highway 35 / Deerfoot Trail

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Welcome back, folks! Just a quick preview today of what we'll be looking at the next few updates... Highway 35, or as it's known within the city, the Deerfoot Trail!


The Meadows at Deerfoot - one of the most successful shopping districts in Western Canada, falling only behind South Edmonton Common, in Edmonton. Still under construction, as you can see, with an entire phase at the bottom (the grassland) to be constructed, many locations see disgusting revenue numbers. You can see the beginnings of the southern end of the new 23rd Avenue/Deerfoot Trail interchange. The city ensured that access to the Meadows was a key part.


Just north of the 23rd Avenue interchange is some old highway-side development that is slowly being rebuilt into more profitable businesses. The Super 8 Hotel is one of the last "old" motels along this strip. At the top is the neighborhood of Deer Meadow. I think you can see source of the names for this area. ;)

And that's all folks! I'll have some more for you in the coming days! :)

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Ahh, looks like an area bustling with growth! Nice names for these areas as well, and as always, great work with the suburbs and the transit networks! Very beebsylike! :P

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Hmm, are you from Calgary by any chance? We have a Deerfoot Trail here (the busiest highway in the city by far, its also around 3-5 lanes wide) We also have a mall called Deerfoot Meadows. Red River looks pretty much the same as Calgary and it has simmilar contemporary issues. Calgary has 1.2 million residents, its got massive urban sprawl and there are a few areas which have old apartment building that are going to be redeveloped in the coming years. Coincidence or what? 

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SmartbyLaw: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
ImVhOzzi: Thank you!
naftixe: Thanks :)
Mikeaut1: Thanks mikey!
BloodySoap: Hehe... Edmonton, actually. :P It started off as very loosely based on Edmonton, drawing on themes and elements, but it's sorta turning more and more into a semi-direct recreation. I'm not following stringently to the map, as TheJerseyDevil did with his recreation, but major roads are roughly going in the "correct" places, with neighborhoods more or less following the same shape and placement. It's basically Edmonton with my own twist. :P

But yes, I did use Deerfoot based off Calgary's Deerfoot Trail. It wouldn't quite have worked to call it Calgary Trail, or Gateway Boulevard here. ;)

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