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Traffic Woes

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I haven't updated in a while becuase I've been frantically racing towards 500,000 pop so I can get highways! During this period of rapid development I ran into major traffic issues. The main reason for this is becuase I built most of the new heavy industry sectors far away on a small flat strip of shore between the ocean and sheer cliffs. There is only one main access corridor but it's an expressway. This expressway runs the entire lenght of the industry zone and through the rest of the city. Since residential has become much more dense traffic has begun to build up to the point where even parts of the expressway have heavy traffic. but the real problem is the bottleneck where it turns into an 80 cars /min avenue where it runs thru the industry section with the seaport bfeore going back to an expressway.

I built an above/below ground subway system although it is a small one which helped provide a secondary acess method to the industry. It was very difficult constructing above ground and it's a pain to go back underground just to build the stations. 

I expanded the bus transit lines but they are extremely expensive so I haven't used them extensively. My plan is to build the most efficient road network possible. I 've already started by keeping intersections on expressways and avenues to a minimum and to not use long stretches of 2 lane roads or small streets.

Recently I also constructed a small airport on the west of the city which has  helped the office sector a lot to provide passenger service.

Other notable events were the coming of the Elites! Yes, those ultra snobby super rich have finally moved into town and they sure are picky. I developed a nice neighbourhood just for them with winding quite streets, lots of greenry and ammenities such as the Carrefoure Hypermarket and Cathedral.

I've also built another support town to produce holiday resources and expanded the 1st support city which now has massive farm areas with silos to boost production and many oil harvesters to supply the glutenous appetite of my main city's huge industrial might.

new industrial area

Elite hood

High density beginning to develop

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It's been a long time since I did any update but I have been playing a lot. Going to upload a bunch of new pics later today. THe city is massive now with 1.4 million pop. I'm pretty darn proud of the virtual place I made. Never thought I could like a city sim more than SC4.

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