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Kanto Region

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Indigo Plateau: Part Two

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 This is a tour of the rest of Indigo Plateau, where people live, work, relax, and have fun.



 The City Centre




This is the headquarters of Graveler Real Estate Group. They own a lot of buildings throughout the region. From Saffron Tower, to the Vermilion City Gym.


Now it's time for you to leave aboard the Kanto Express. Thanks for viewing my journal!!!


(The Show and Game ends in Indigo Plateau (for the first season at least, and that's the only one i watched/played), just so people understand why this is the end lol, and for those requesting me to do the other regions, I don't really know them XD. Thanks for following my journal guys!! :D)

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aww thanks guys!

yeah this is the end because if you follow the actual game and show, their journey ends at Indigo Plateau.  The next region, I'm not really familiar with it so I can't do it lol.

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There's five regions in the main series:
Kanto (Red/Blue/Yellow)
Johto (Gold/Silver/Crystal)
Hoenn (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
Sinnoh (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)
Isshu (Black/White)

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 ^ yeah exactly, i meant i only played watch the first one lol, when there were only 151 pokemons XD

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Badboy5000, why don't you just die! I know it is against the rules to say this but, f*** you is worse! Why won't you just leave your stupid comments in your head and away from this marvelous CJ!

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