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Districts of Doherty

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Before I start this entry, I just want to warn you that there was a of construction going on, especially downtown, when I took the pictures for this entry. Sorry if this bothers you as much as it bothers me.


The last time we saw Doherty, I didn't explain too much. However, like any city in Pelham, the cultures here are very diverse. Lets start near White University.


Now we move to a wealth part of town near the university called the Mango District. People named it that only because of the orange roofs, and not much else.


A zoomed-in look of a part of the Mango District.


The foothills of Pine Peak. Stone Pines from the Spanish explorers were grown on this peak, now, they dominate it. These houses work their way up the hill on a steep slope.


At the very top of the hill is a ferris wheel, popular to the lovebirds visiting Doherty. The ends of city wrap around it.


Heading into Downtown now....


Downtown Doherty is growing the fastest, especially around the stadium.


The oldest part of town, the Paisley District.


A few landmarks now. First off is the Armory. The battle for New Chandler's independence took place in Doherty, and this building was the center of the action. Damaged parts of the building have been restored. Now, it is a museum. 


Gregg Palace is currently the center of the Pelham government, despite being the southernmost building in the state. The government of Pelham also lives here.


Fort Abbot Stadium during a game. This stadium is the biggest in Pelham, until the new Roseburgh Financial Harbour Stadium is completed next summer. The lopsided glass roof of the stadium is a symbol of Doherty sports.


Finally, a Region Census image of the city tile we focused on. I was going to have a full resolution one within the game, however, at level 2 zoom, the game crashed...


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, see you next week! Sorry for being so late with this entry...

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Wow! You are so good at everything- from your transportation networks to your photo-editting- everything is top notch! 

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my SimCity often crashes with Windows 7, although I don't know if it's the game and the operating system not getting along or the game and the hardware...

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