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The funeral. The end.

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Word of Abel's death spread quickly. Far and wide, across the entire area, people flocked to Canton for the funeral. Cain was revered as a saint to these people, as he had taken them from third-world status to the top of the world stage in such a short time.


The funeral lasted for 3 days. The reception at the church alone lasted for a day, as so many people had so many positive things to say about him. The lake was filled with flowers, as there was not enough room at the grave site for the mass influx of bouquets. Cain was the only person in Brovolia that was not in attendance. Since his brother's death, he had not had contact with anyone. Word is that he died in seclusion in a small wooden hut he erected in the mountains, poor and alone.

Dr. Vu was tied to the murder, and was arrested within a day of Abel's death. He was tried and found guilty by a jury of his peers. He was commited to Birkdale, an insane asylm in the next county over. His body was commited to science against his will, and cruel and unusual experiments were run on him. The story goes that Dr. Vu had his memory erased during a chemical experiment. After serving 40 years, he was released.

A week later, a 50 foot statue was erected in the middle of Thaines to honor Abel. It still stands there to this day, where Dr. Vu polishes it every morning. Abel was sure to never forgotten.

Thanks guys for reading my CJ. Let me know any areas I can improve, as I am already planning my next one! Let me know what you would like to see! Thanks a bunch for the supportive comments. Don't forget to rate!

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