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USA Establishment: New Washington

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The USA ship was the first to discover the Islands, and first to populate them.

Before Populating, the ships put together the new constitution of the United Islands. Under the new country, Each ship/ past country gets an Island to themself, which are the states. Each state will elect a representative (most likely the original leader of the old country) for their State, which will be part of the Senate. Their will be no president, or main leader, just the senate.

Now that the constitutuion has been put together, the USA will start populating the island. Here is the first image after construction.


The first residents to move in were the president of the USA, and some other mid wealth people. The richer people are staying on the ship till better houses were built.

Time for some discovering of this new island! The President hired men to look around and discover the new Island. Since their are no trees it makes it much easier.

One Important thing they discovered was a small pond on top of a hill.


As you can see, they built a path to the pond. They named it "Rockland Pond."

The New Senate needed a place besides the crummy boats to meat in. New Washington, As the USA's town is called, offered to build a meeting building for the senate. The construction began by moving rocks and clearing land.


Next they moved the gravel and dirt and placed some grass and pavment, were the building would be built.


Finally the build was built!


Well that's it for this update, A new one will be up soon! If you have any tips, feel free to post them!


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sounds like a possible sequal to 2012 better be carful hollywood may be searching through the internet looking for ideas like this one

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you should skip ahead in time where a war is begianing over food or wateramerica and britan could be the only two countries left by a  drought     

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