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First Discovery

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In 2011 the US learned that the crust of earth was quickly being melted away by the mantle. This would cause great earthquakes that would sink the entire world into water.

The President of the United States Quickly started a program with other Conutries to start build gigantic boats that would be able to withstand the waves, and earthquakes. France, England, India, Australia, China and Japan joined the cause. They had untill 2013 to create massive boats. France's boat colapsed in a minor earthquake in September 2012, and join with England to build the boats. By April 2013 the ships were finished.

Now the countries had till September 28th to gather pasengers. To keep this opperation a secert, the goverments sent Top Secert officals out to gather the people straight from their homes. Unfortunatly on August 21 a rumor broke out about this and quickly spred. from then till November 16, (The estimated day) Their were mega riots in the streets, Cities in flames, and assinations of goverment officals. On November 17, The mega earthquakes started. All the boats were sucsessfully launched, and began to search for any land. During the one year voyage, The India ship broke down, and many passengers were left stranded.

 After a year of searching, the boats finally found a group of Islands and started to populate it. Here is a picture of it.unitedislands1289512687.png

I will begin this CJ hopefull soon. Please Enjoy! Since I am new to CJing, If you have any tips, please bring them up! If you ever saw my Other CJ, "Pinewood Mountains", that Region was deleted. :(

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Interesting background history... although those islands are pretty small, there isn't much to develop... 

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