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The New Government

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 The government has changed. It was once a republic but due to the lack of power to the executive office, the republic became a constitutional monarchy. This is how it revolves:

Governing Head (King)

Executive Office 

(elected every 20 years can override head

of state powers)

Head of State(Senator)

Legislative Branch, Common Branch (The lower

middle class branch)

Head of State(Senator)

Legislative, Wealth Branch (The high middle 

class and the high class)

Each Senator is chosen by an electoral body. The electoral

body is chosen by the House of Greenush,

which include 25 representatives from each city/region.

Due to the fact that the empire is only one city strong,

the 25 representatives will have to chose a political 

party. The house is elected by the people.

Each party than nominates a two senators

to run for both offices. Then senators

will be chosen by the people.

The king has a passed down crown 

which means it goes to his oldest son/daughter.

If the king cannot do his duty, the Senators

can overthrow him and call for an emergency

election ,where both parties pick a noble family

trustworthy of the job.

Official Language


(A mix of English, French and Latin)

Official Relgion

None freedom of relgion

A new flag as also come as a result of the collapse of our empire:


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