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Spartos: The sacred region

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 @ Blakeway: Lol I didn't no that 9.gif7

 @ Paulobergonci Thank you. I will try my best to make it as intresting as possible.

 @ Devonf Yeh couldn't find anything else.

 @ JeeKtan Maybe. I'm not really a big fan of anime.

Spartos was founded in year 74AP by a colonization group who wanted to create a city for Sparta. The city flourished and had a population of 707 thousand people until the city was wiped out by a giant explosion. When our scouts where sent there, 12 out of 17 developed some kind of skin condition and died 20 miles outside the city. We then just left the area to be. 

Spartos is now the last city of Sparta. The area shows no signs of a city being here because of the natrual growth that have consumed it and the number of volacie (volcanic) eruptions. There is though, signs on the land that something once stood there such as the old dockyards. They have survived natures effects.

Our plans for Spartos is simple. We plan to create a city from scratch, and make it a refugee center and a fortress. We also need money so there must be an economic center. The area is full of minerals that can be used for export and manufacturing. We can use what little the rubble is left from the old city to recycle it for building materials. We will also institute a small highway system so people can evacuate the outer city to the inner city. There will be a curfew at 10 am. The police will be instituted in the military and all males above the age of 18 must join the reserve corps.

Now this is the region of Spartos.

sparta1289041116.pngWelcome to Spartos.

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