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Not Dead!!!

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Hey ya'll, TOKYO 4.0 is not dead yet. You might have noticed I did post 1 picture of a BAT in development on the HKABT area with my stuff on it. 

It's true though, I have not been playing SC4 for a while, but I'm back playing little by little.

Hope you like this very little update of some of the road infrastructure around Tokyo bay getting finished up.


tokyo401288608413.pngAbove: So this is the area around Tokyo Bay. If you knew Tokyo 3.0, or just simply my last attempt at a re-creation of Tokyo, you might recall that I didn't use any actual water, and instead I only used plopable water. The same will apply for TOKYO 4.0, since there are a lot of highways and roads and rail that are built on top of rivers or canals or the bay, and they tend to curve and twist, so plopable water allows me more freedom when I wanna do that. The white area on this map is gonna be where the water will be plopped.

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**Wondering: how did you get that template pic on to your journal description!
I'm trying to figure out, but confused! Much Appreciated if you or anyone can help!**

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TowerDude: hey, thanks. I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't been able to play as much as I would like to. But I'll try and play and post more.

tankmank: thanks, hope I can get to it though.

Skimbo: yep, just a bunch of plopping, I try not to with the residential bit though

Samerton: thanks

jj88: thanks, thats helpful lol. I hope I can finish this too

Huston: thanks. Regarding the pic on the journal description, you need to figure out some html codes for that. Just go on google and look up html codes, and you'll figure out :)

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Thanks so much, that helped a lot and i've got the html code that lets me put a template.
Thanks again for the help, I think i might just reel in more viewers with that template preview

THANKS, much appreciated

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Why was the C2 rendered as a single-lane roadway? The sections of it that are above ground are double-decked, which I guess unfortunatelly cannot be rendered properly in Simcity, but they are two lanes each way like others in the vicinity. Was it for the sake of ease or something that it was made single-lane?

A second question, where'd you get those Keisei train skins? I've looked for such but never been able to find any.

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C2 was made a single-lane due to lack of space.
At first I could have made the tunnel into a two lane system, but that would have taken up unnecessary space, and its underground so I WAS HOPING NO ONE WOULD NOTICE!!! But it does the trick right? All of my underground elements of the Shuto express are single lane simply to take less space.

I think you can find the train skins from http://homepage2.nifty.com/kamurai/simcity/log.htm

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