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Herstingville; All New, All the Better

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After the Disaster of 2005, the entire city of Herstingville was obliterated, thankfully, the old mayor died in the disaster and now Herstingville is now under control of the Mafia. They have no idea how to run a city, in a city of now more than 1,200,000, they only have one hospital, with a capacity of 3,000. They have one Police Sation and one Jail, crime isn't on the rise, the few criminals that operate in the city switch hideouts every two to three days, so the Mafia and the Police could not find them. The New City is stronger, better and more desirable. 


Although it is still a very, very dangerous place, residents are happy, but limited to what they can do. During the day, everyone goes out and has fun shopping, playing tennis, soccer or just driving around town, passing the taller buildings and remembering better times. Although poverty is rampant, most residents make more than 50,000 a year, which is fair gain in Herstingville.      


Air Pollution is low, even with many industrial buildings. Remember the Divider that seperated Rich and Poor? Well there is a new one that seperates the Poor with the Environmentally Poor.


Waste Managment has been taken to new heights with new Black Hole management systems. These were built next to the Old Reichburner House. 


The Mayor lives and Works among the rich, every night, he comes home to an amazing lightshow. Too bad he is a Mafia Don, he plans a waste displacement program, the good thing is that it will increase the number of these buildings but it will massacre many poor people along the way .


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