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Chapter 19 : Tigerian-Based Airlines (a Selbring International Airport extra)

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Chapter 19 : Tigerian-Based Airlines (a Selbring International Airport extra)

Personal Message :

I love to do designing, thus i decided to add a little extra into the airport series. I've designed 3 of the airlines i've stated in the airport entry. Hope you guys like it!


Replies to Comments:

Towerdude : haha hoped u managed to see the entire entry :D

ImVhOzzi : LOL Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Guibanez_ : Thanks alot Guibanez_ ! :D

976 : Thanks alot man! 

Jamesrules90 : Hmmm perhaps they didn't have enough space to build a golf course. Over in my country, we have a few big and beautiful golf courses. But i'm not so much of a golfer. hahaha!

Legionhell : Thanks alot! Yep custom content rocks!


Tigerian Based Airlines

In Tigeria, there are 3 main airline companies that have flights that fly internationally. They are :

1. Air Tigeria

Motto : Flying is our forte

Established : 1930

Website : www.airtigeria.com

Hubs : Tigerson Hagenbor Airport, Seuran Dasau International Airport

Fleet : 230 planes

Key people : Mr Douglas Yhonsae (Chairman), Mr. Hans Honshau (CEO)

Subsidiaries : Air Tigeria Cargo, Air Tigeria Engineering


Pic 1 : Air Tigeria with the flag's 6 stars as its logo.


2. Tigara National Airlines

Motto : The national pride and honour in the skies

Established : 1932

Website : www.tigaranational.com

Hubs : Tigerson Hagenbor Airport, Tigaran Indakas Arthur Knight International Airport

Fleet : 150 planes

Key people : Mr Lucas Donhan (Chairman), Mr Yip Bee Seng (vice-Chairman) Mr. Bryan Chan (CEO)

Subsidiaries : National Engineering, National Freights


Pic 2 : The national crest's crown is the logo for the airline


3. Tigerian Airlines

Motto : Fly with us

Established : 1940

Website : www.tigerianair.com

Hubs : Selbring International Airport, Tigerson Hagenbor Airport

Fleet : 183 planes

Key people : Mr Jackson Fernandez (CEO)

Subsidiaries : Tigerian Cargo, Tigerian Aerospace Engineering


Pic 3 : The leaf logo is the Tigerian Queen's emblem. Thus it was used as the logo for the airlines.


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Wonderful! I love this airport!

  As president of the Beridian Republic, all Tigerian-based airlines can have a spot at our major airports. PM me for further discussion. We'd also would like to offer a specific spot for them to operate at Johannesburg International Airport.

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Towerdude : Yes it does! Hong Kong is a place not to be missed :D

Skimbo : Yes there are. Just that I got these models to just show you how my airlines look :D

: State sponsored? Nope we don't have state sponsored. They are all companies running by themselves. All 3 are the national carriers.

Monay : Haha that would be great! If you have an airport entry soon, do include our airlines in the list :D

Schulmanator : Thanks alot! I'm glad you loved them :D

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GREAT Airlines! Your C.J. is great! You think u could edit some planes for me?

I'm definitely going to keep on reading this C.J.

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FHH007 : Thanks a bundle! :D

Huston : Haha thanks alot! Glad you liked them. :D I could, but time is rather limited for me.

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I like the Tigerian Queen's emblem! Look forward to your post!

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WOW! This is brilliant!

Could we have an in-game regional view? and the names and populations of the major cities?

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Solopop : thanks alot! unfortunately i'm enlisted into the army and i don't really have much time to play Simcity 4. Moreover, i develop scattered cities, but once i'm done with the area, i'll show u guys. but it'll take awhile though. lol.

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