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Herstingville; Worst Damn City in Fariven

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The Poor among the Rich, this building is frequently bombarded with Fire Bottles, Eggs and many teenagers use their fathers' helicopter the wreak havoc on it. But the Mayor still holds the building close to his heart, and many times, has renovated it. The building has been made historical but Eggs and Arson is still present in and around the Building. 


Where the Avenue stops, the Danger Starts, frequent wars between the Mafia and the Greasers has residents on the edge. The area where all the Mansions are is called the "Safe Zone", where nothing usually happens, but after the zone, the rich, and on the other side, the poor. The Avenue has hosted many riots though, the police just ignore them and let them destroy the mansions and Tenements. Pictured is a newly renovated Road and many renewed Buildings.


This Building use to be among the Mayor's "personal" buildings. He built some for his wife, children, mother, father and closest friends. The Mafia launched a stage of succesful attacks against the city in 1987, they worked so well that he created a very poor area, that grew and grew to become the slums of the city. Many a Mayor of the fine town tried to fix the poor problem, but each was killed in a series of "accidents". By the time that the city prospered (1994) the city had had 34 mayors and 3 Mafia Dons that had control of the entire city. Once said by ex-Mayor Jonah Y. Mellow "The View is Rather Salty".  



The City of Herstingville is very exciting and has many stories to tell, so stay tuned.  

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actually it's best u post those pictures directly in your post than to give links. it'll better complement your content :D

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