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Landslides, mosaics, and more!

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Welcome to the third installment of Copperhagan!

Ranger station

More engineering success! Clent Basin citizens now have access to roughly 2/3 of Mt Clent.

But as the Clent council have realised, they want to preserve the mountain to the best of

their ability. So they have invested in a ranger station to patrol the area and make sure no

one gets up to any mischeif.


Landslide! The recent excavations and terraforming on Mt Clent, in addition with heavy rain has caused

a major landslide, destroying three farmhouses and injuring two hikers. A wake up call has been

issued to Clent council, and they will need to be more careful about future terraforming.


Temporary barriers have been set up around the affected area. Plans for more

permanent infrastructure are being looked at now.

Mosaic time!


This mosaic follows the pond system that the citizens in Clent Basin enjoy daily.

This is my first mosaic, so it isnt great (re grey edges), but it is a start 2.gif

There you have it, hope you enjoyed the latest update of Copperhagan.


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