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Book III - part 2 cont.

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Book III - part 2 (continued)

The Reconciliation...

And the men that fought fire were afraid to fight these fires, because they burned under the fierce gaze of Sol, who burned and seared his anger and attention on us, while we cowered inside and waited till He went.


So fires burned while people hid inside from Sol and the evil among them conspired to emerge new and dangerous in the night-time.


And they came when Sol left, and they forced their way into many places they did not belong, and took and broke many things that were not theirs to.


And the men that fought these evil among us were afraid to fight them this night, because they could no longer speak to each other or to their Kings and Generals, so they hid as they had hid all day.

So the evil among us took, and grew, as they had taken and done unto Earth before this.

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Wow... strong images. I really like it, and I hope more people will like it. Considering it's not exactly mainstream, because it requires reading... I try to come back every now and then too but since I don't post that often anymore, I can't promise anything.

Nevertheless this is one of the best CJs I've ever seen. Not lying.

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Thanks man.
No promises required - when I write a journal I enjoy the process, and sometimes ppl seem to enjoy reading it too. That's cool with me.
Later on I'll probably have to make custom content to cater for this journal's requirement.

I'm aiming for very non-mainstream.  :D
And ya, ppl looking for unique ways of plopping content aren't gonna find that here - it's about reading a story and supporting images telling an epic story about an end-of-days that isn't talked about very often, but one which will inevitably hit us eventually - the flip of the magnetic poles.  It has happened many times throughout history, and when it happens to us it will be a disaster beyond anything that global warming or deforestation could ever be, from a socialogical point of view.  This journal explores what might happen in this event.

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