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Book II - part 6

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Book II - part 6

In the DreamTime...

For in those times our Tricity Energy which was so powerful and important to our village it had been birthed beneath a shield given to us in secret by the Earth to protect us from the wrath of Sol's angry menace.

This shield was of the energy of magnatism, that which can hold items of steel against the Earths crush with no means beyond Her magic.

In those days it stretched far into the heavens, in a great shield around all of Her like a cloak, and with it She protected and nurtured us and our Energy.

But this shield was weak... it crumbled over time as it had done so many times before us, and we knew but did not care... and we ignored the greatest gift the Earth had given us... that of keeping the malice of Sol away from our Great Energy Tricity.

But we beat at her with the Great Noise of our Stone Trees, all in unison, with a voice that never had She heard before, so that we could peer into her soul, and the Great Noise broke her shield and the malice of Sol came crashing through where before we were protected.

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