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Book II - part 1

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Book II - part 1

In the DreamTime...

The world we knew was not what we see before us today... it was as bright at night as it is during the day, with the night always within reach but never giving us sanctuary from the Light completely...

In these times we lived as one terrible village of immense proportions.

And in this village was divided unto many other villages of ever smaller size until the final village of all was each of us. And yet we were one.


Of the grandest oldest part of our village, great towers of magesty and beauty graced the clouds and scraped the belly of the sky.


And many days and weeks distance to the edge of this village of old, where even the mighty towers' shadows did not travel to meet... nothing between us and the Light, were the open fields...


And here we nurtured our needs into existance, dreaming forth food and clothes and bedding and water from the every Earth and the Light.

(Thanks to Towncrafter for helping me phrase the last two verses in this entry)

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