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Book I - part 2

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Book I - part 2

In the DreamTime...

Men warred. Men delighted in finding ever grander ways of hurting each other and taking what was not theirs to take, and much of mankinds magic was made to this end.

Including the Stone in the Tree... great pillars of ash and fire brought forth at the command of Kings and Daemons.

But so great was the Stone Tree that men feared it... men who feared nothing feared the death brought by the Stone of Heat and Light, but the magic could not be undone, and more Stone Tree seeds were planted throughout the world, waiting to blossom and kill all who looked upon them.

Until the Kings and Daemons themselves began to fear their own creations, and yet still the Stone Tree seeds kept multiplying until none among them knew what to do with them all.

And the Kings and the Daemons talked and feared and cried and wailed, wishing the Stone Trees would be gone and begging that it could be so.

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