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New Chanlor

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§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Here is a dedicated CJ update just for New Chanlor, I even got better pictures this time!

First, here are the two Sports Fields that are used, one is already in use and one will be used in 2011!


Here's the Tennis Arena. It's been used quite a few times. And once Shayden's very own

Lisa Hoff won here, she won 5-3.


Here is Miners Memorial Park. It is currently not used, but in 2011 we plan on using it for

the New Chanlor Slammers.

Now here is some pictures of our Seaport and Marina:


Here's our seaport. It helps us alot with trade, and without it we wouldn't have as much cash as we do today!


Here is the marina. A lot of the tourists visiting New Chanlor love getting on the boats to

take a tour on our majestic waters!

Finally here is a picture of part of our airport:


It really helps us with commercial buissness. It's often heavily used and we had to rebuild it to increase the capacity

it- twice!

Well there you go for now, please post a reponse and tell me what you think of the pictures. I plan on soon making a CJ post for all of my cities. Goodbye for now!

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New Chanlor? Pretty funny, if you add one letter you get New Chandler, the name of my journal  what a coincidence! 

About your city though... I think it looks nice, however, your seaport looks a bit too natural (the ship looks beached) and a custom airport would do you a lot of good probably. 

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Replies as of so far:

Well I made this City Journal so I could have both a City Journal and a Forum version of Shayden.
k50dude: Odd. Well actually I wanted to name it "New Chanclor" but it didn't look right to me typed down and I added New just to make it sound freshened up. I have the Pegprod Seaport, he made it so boat come around occasionally. And I can't seem to find a good airport that I can just plop down. I have a set a small pieces for an airport that I can lay down how ever I want but I'm not sure how to lay them down.
joshriddle: Same thing as I said to him.

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