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Chapter 16 : Selbring International Airport (Part 2 - The Domestic Terminal)

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Chapter 16 : Selbring International Airport (Part 2 - The Domestic Terminal)

Personal Message:

Sorry for the long wait. I was on a vacation for a week and had much to do in RL. But now i present to you the Domestic Terminal :D


Replies to Comments:

@Towerdude : Thanks alot! :D

@Skimbo : Thanks alot! i do hope to see yours soon too! :D

@Paulobergonci : Haha thanks alot! It took me some time to figure it out too! Youtube has tutorials on building them! :D

@Reikhardt : Thanks alot man! :D i was just trying it out too

@Guibanez_: Thanks alot man! :D

@DCMetro34 : Thanks alot man! Glad you liked it :D

@ladybug2 : Hey thanks alot! :D

@hunkske : Thanks alot! :D

@davemap : Thanks alot! i'm honoured :D

@Velbob : Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :D Makes it all worthwhile

@jj88 : Thanks alot! I'm glad you liked it! :D



The Domestic Terminal


Pic 1 : The Domestic Terminal with nearby developments in the lower part of the picture.

Selbring International Airport's fourth terminal is the Domestic Terminal. It serves passengers flying within Tigeria to the different cities. It was built in 1980 when the flights entering Selbring had increased and a domestic terminal would be most appropriate to allow more international planes to park at the International Terminals.

The Domestic Terminal has 10 gates.


  • TigaSouth Air (serves Southern part of Tigeria)
  • TigaNorth Air (serves Northern part of Tigeria)
  • Cannaseran Domestic Airways
  • Air Seuran
  • JettyFlo

Pic 2 : The Domestic Terminal and it's vicinity. The terminal has 2 sections. Section A is where the gates are located and departure halls and Section B is for offices and arrivals. Both are connected by an underground walkway.


Pic 3 : Section B of the Terminal


Pic 4 : The boarding gates.


Pic 5 : Hangars for the planes


Pic 6 : A mosaic of the entire Domestic Terminal


Pic 7 : Construction works for the Customs Office, Desdau Headquarters.

Getting Here:

The Domestic Terminal is easily accessible via the Selbring Railway Line, buses, taxi, car, and the Mass Rapid System (MRS)


Pic 8 : This is the Desdau Main Bus Interchange. Many buses from all over Selbring terminates here.


Pic 9 : The Desdau Main Railway Station with the Desdau Main MRS Station nearby.

Connection with the International Terminals:

The Airport Underground Network which runs beside the MRS line also allow passengers to reach the International Terminals in less than 10 minutes. The train cabins are wider with luggage friendly features.

Well folks if you feel like flying over to other parts of Tigeria? Then the Domestic Terminal will be the place to be!

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Replies to Comments : 

: Hey thanks alot! :D
Paulobergonci : Hahaha thanks for the compliment!
Schulmanator : Thanks alot! I'm glad you liked the logo! I have a passion for creating such banners :D
kingdiz_55 : Hahaha! well big isn't nice sometimes. I have plans to attempt a small single runway airport in my other regions in future! :D
Velbob : Thank you velbob! :D

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i downloaded it from STEX awhile ago, but i cannot find it now. I'll try to check it out for you. Worse come to worse i'll it to u via email or sth.

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