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Shayden at 800,000 (1994)

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§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Shayden is now at 800,725!

We are now populated at 800,725, larger then how much it was before. So here are some pictures that make Shaydians happy:


Spartanburgh Raceway usally consists of 100 laps, making it a 4 hour race (usaully takes 2 minutes per lap). So far  it's only used for National Races. We hope to sign our two tracks up as races for the Formulas.


It's fun to see how big you can make a city. You get to do anything you want, with limits of course. And it's just as important that the Sims are contempt too.


We used to call this area "Ghost Street" Due to everyone abandoning the skyscrapers, funny to say the whole reason why they left was because of too much traffic. But we got it fixed and new skyscrapers have taken the old one's place.


A night view of the football staduims, we have the same exact type of staduim in every city. They are used for college teams, and then afterward if there good enough they go professional.


An air purifier that was made by scientists in the Advance Research Facility. It has pleased alot of Sims and helped move in at least 50,000 Sims. They love clean air.


One more picture of the Nightlife. Pretty huh?


The Smith City Warhawks Staduim. Hope the new home will motivate them to try harder.


Harrison Speedway, the other race course we have, this one is 50 laps but takes 3 minutes to finish a lap. The race starts at 11am and ends at around 5:30pm.

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