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The Introduction of Shayden

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The Beginning of Shayden

In 1893, British exploror John Smith founded this land and named it "Smithland" in honor of himself. Soon people started moving in and they reached up to 3,686 Sims living there. Soon when World War II came around, the Nazi's attacked the United Kingdom, along with there chunk of territory known as Smithland. Soon Germany was able to take over Smithland, and renamed it "Neustart", or New Start in German. In 1944 though, the American's helped free Neustart from the Nazi Resistance. After the end of the war, America decided to take Neustart under thier  wings. The first thing America did to Neustart was that they let them vote for a new name. After a close vote, the name "Shayden" won with 38.6% of the population voting for it (The population at the time was 6,598). In 1961, Shayden asked for permission to be independant from America. America thought Shayden was ready, so they accepted Shayden's wants. Now the year is 1970, the only city up is Spartanburgh, and 7,777 people live in it.


Here's a picture of one of those new Drive ins.

Doesn't look bad huh?

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