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Himeoka City (Part 1)

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Alright, It's been (I think) two weeks or so since I've updated this bugger and now I've neglected my readers too15.gif................oh well18.gif

During the past week, I've decided to make an archive of this CJ on the old journal section.  It will be a shortened, less flashy version of this CJ for those who browse in the old section.

Also, I've decided to update the banners slightly since they looked rushed.

tepodon: Thank you!9.gif

Waterclaw: Basically I used snippets of pictures and placed the like a puzzle.  If you have a graphics program like Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, or GIMP, your set!  Also, since the CJ word program's HTML, try and experiment with HTML to make your page look really dynamic!9.gif

tankman: Thank you!9.gif

Guibanez_: Thank you!9.gif

TowerDude: Haha! Thank you!  and to even the field, I read a few of your CJ's.  I envy all of them9.gif  HK is brill!

Samerton: Thank you!9.gif

sloid: Thank you!9.gif

and Everyone: Haha!  I guess I fooled everyone!  It's not a newspaper, it a web page!18.gif


for those who haven't been looking in the CJ section daily, I've started a new CJ that supplements this CJ.  It's no ordinary CJ, it's a News CJ, a CJ made in news format.  This (fictional) news network will report on the happenings in this country, in every angle.

The banner below will take you to the homepage, just like any ordinary website.  Enjoy!


Now lets start!



About Himeoka City

Himeoka is situated directly east to Sakura City, and is essentially an extension to the Greater Sakura Area.  Historically an immigrant settlement, Himeoka was known in the 1950s as the place to live, caused by cheap land prices and vast space to the inlands.  During a 1960s to the 1980s, Himeoka in terms of size and economic power, was even greater than the capital.  It was an economic powerhouse until the 1990s.  Today, in the wake of a corrupt government, Himeoka spiraled into dilapidation and disrepair.  At first glance, it doesn't seem like such a bad place, but take time to listen into RTA News, you'll see the really ugly side of this city.

Quick Statistics

--City: 1,200,000

-Economy (City)

--GDP: USD: USD 44.4 billion

--Per Capita: USD 37,000 

*Since last update

-Akamatsu Shopping District-


-Victoria Heights-


Situated in the heart of Himeoka, Akamatsu is a massive shopping-only district that accolates nearly 1/4 of the entire city.  Since the turn of the century, crime has become rife.  It became one of the focuses as one of the key places involved in the human trafficking controversy back in Minami.

This area is a definite "don't go".


Victoria Heights is a collection of super-condos west of Akamatsu.  It was formerly known for it's luxury high-rises, but since the spikes in crime, the district fell into a state of disrepair.  Those who have the money to move moved, but others weren't so lucky.



-Himeoka Convention Centre-


One of the few meccas for anime and manga in the country.  Similar to Comiket, HiCoCe is famous for running comic market gatherings.  Unlike Comiket, it runs the gathering once every month for 3 days to ease congestion.  As of 2010, HiCoCe is planned to be demolished in favor of a larger center.


-Twin Spica Bldg.-


Perhaps the only memorable thing in the city, the magnificent Twin Spica Building.  In the night, it illuminates it's two adverts blindingly as drivers past by in awe.  In this coldly consumer-driven country, such souless signs are considered art.


An Overview...


Well, that's it for now, and I think with six entries, that means this CJ's up for ratings!

Please rate and comment!

Thank you for reading!9.gif

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