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Fantasion- 1st journal Entry

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Jesse Swiss


Fantasion, a city on the green plains with the wind and weather a city in them far hills would experience.

Brief History:

In 1948 the Nation of Bruchelon occupied a command post on the Henwick River, a major port for transporting food,water, and materials. After the Kumplee Wars which caused damage to the country many command posts started becoming towns, some fell, some went on. Fantasion was one of the cities that moved on, but with struggles as the river began evaporating due to warm weather and no rain, Fantasion nearly fell but when a Australian Immigrant came to the region he found something special about the region. William Manbey was the founder of the Geographic Association of Bruchelon. The find that Manbey found was that the ground was always wet in the forest in the surrounding area, which led to him investigating what was wrong with the ground. After studying and digging a hole 20 meters deep he found fresh water, which led to the conclusion that a large glacier had transformed the region. When William went to the Headquarters in Ploropkosdok he was honered with a token of honorary from the Bruchelon Government. When news spread across the region people flocked to Fantasion to invest their money in bringing up the water from the ground. In 1984 , 36 years later the population had skyrocketed to 28,930 residents compared to         140 in 1948. When the water business was in danger in 2009 the City hall banned all businesses commited to water. What remains now of the city is fresh water but in a very small pocket 8 km north of the city. At the moment Fantasion is at 182,439 people and is the most environmentally friendly city in the Nation, not only is it very clean but it is also the most forested city in the nation, a great accomplishment considering that Ploropkosdok ( 7.8 Million People) is larger by 7.6 million people.

Statistics: The basic stats is to help understand an in-depth view of the city and nation


Population: 182,439

Mayor: Jaque Lafondrey

Density /sq km. : 678 /sq. km

Area Code: (711)

Prime Minister/ President: Louis Lafois

Currency: Bruchelon Dollar ( BCD)

Drives on the: Right

Internet tld: .bch

Official Sports: Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer

Now to what you've been waiting for, Pictures!

Overview of Fantasion and neighborhoods: 1. Red= Downtown 2. Green= Shopping District  3. Yellow= Skyview 

4.Light Blue= Washington Place  5. Orange= Windsor Park  6. Crimson/ Dark Red= Gardner Heights  7. Pink= Candiac 

8. Purple= Industrial Park  9. Light Green= Settlers Corners  10. Brownish/ Yellowish= Office Heights  11. Bright Yellow= Bredenburrow


View of Downtown (Upper Right) and suberbs (Left)  from Industrial Complex


Typical Fantasion Suberban Street, Fantasion is known for how they design their suberbs :)


Traffic View ( notice how some of the neighborhood designs are)


Main Street, Most citizens enjoy their walks on this street, including me!


Bruchelon's first YMCA, its a popular place among teens and adults! The building with the clock at the top


Close view of downtown, approximately 2.0 kms  away


Helicopter view of downtown


Fantasion's City Hall with the downtown behind it


Gardner Heights suberb, Most expensive houses lay there with minimum bids starting at $800,000


Well I have to get back to managing this city , but another update will be in the future as long as people are happy with this journal

Please feel free to comment!

- Fantasion

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