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Kenai Province, the birth.

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Hello all.

   This is Kenai Province, based off the Kenai Alaska map available on the stex. I use the super demand mod as well as the lottery ordinance amongst over a thousand STEX files downloaded over the last few months. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will get to the nitty gritty now. I present to you the Kenai Province with volcanos and an area that was struck by meteors.KenaiRiver-1286163512.jpg

This is Kenai before Settlement.

KenaiRiver-1286651173.jpgThis is Wilson before settlement. Twin peaks is off to the west.

KenaiRiver-1286770137.jpgThis is a transportation map of both cities. An updated 1 will be uploaded shortly.

KenaiRiver-1287180849.jpgThis is a recent shot of the region. Need to update since a new industrial park was built.

KenaiRiver-1286163651.jpgI plan on building a new city at the mouth of the river. I haven't decided on a name yet. My next entry will be with lots of photos of Twin peaks. Off to get the car fixed. When I get back, I'll update. Do Svidaniya.

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I love greenery. I prefer the redwoods as they grow tall and are beautiful. Gonna upload pics of twin peaks. The forests are in Wilson. :)

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i was developing this map also. i started a few cities. my first was called East island lake which is part of Nikliski census designated place (CDP). i build up the rest of nikliski if you want you can leave me a message and we can collaborate on building it like real life together. in real life theres about 30,000 people on this map i had more people but was only using low density. one thing i did not like about this map was theres no bus routes so car traffic was horendus nightmare. but i did like how this was one of the largest regions i ever saw it covers well over 100 city tiles.

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how do i make pictures of this land and show them like your doing?

id like people to see me developing this region to its real life version. i noticecd that nikliski is going to be a challenge becasue it covers several maps. one problem with kenai region is a lack of mass transit, the 3 cities in alaska for mass transit are anchorage ,fairbanks ,and juneau

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