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Update Two: South Shore Research Center

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NOTE: This update contains 6 large .png images, if your connection is slow it might take a while to load. I think it's worth it.

In this update we're going to see the new research and assembly center of Insulo's space ageny (ISPERA), South Shore Military Base. It is located on the southeast corner of the Island in one of the least populated areas in the entire country. There are no launch pads due to Insulo's high latitude, all missions will be launched from a launch pad in Gansbaai.

The road to the center base is currently being rebuilt where it was washed out by an intense rainstorm.


Speaking of storms, as reach the gate to the base the sky is beginning to cloud up.


The rain begins as we see the assembly warehouses where rockets, satellites, and landers will be built.


The rain has become a downpour and begun to mix with sleet as we look at the docks including the patrol boats that protect ships that dock at the base.


The storm finally dies down as we look at the mission control center.


And last but not least as the rain stops, we see the research facility where scientists are currently planning Insulo's first space mission.


Hope you enjoyed this update, next week, unless change my mind, we will explore the city of Scio, home to Vilhelmo Forgisto University and the COFR Ministry of Health, Safety, and Education.

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