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robberies and mining

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welcome back. lets show you the mining company of skelicha which provides all of skelicha with the minerals they need. but lately it has been getting robbed, the mining company called for support from the military but only lately have they been responding.


here u can see the mines and some of the miners, the miners load the shaven crystals into massive trucks to get sent elsewhere, the minerals come from undeground so they can get loads more all the time.


this is the biker gang of skelicha it is small but they are actively recruiting (btw if any of you want to be in this biker gang im gonna add and rp element to this cj) they rob the mining company alot and the mining company need help but noone can help them because of the internal conflicts in the city of skelicha 

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 because this is the now im gonna go back to the found in about 1 or 2 more entries and the way i build it will be different to what u see here

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