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New Transportation Updates and Attractions

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 Besides new bus stops, Metroburgh has added the new Monorail system that mainly goes around the downtown area.


New freeways has also been built to save time to get to downtown and the neighboring city in the east. The other is to get from downtown to the airport quicker.



A cruise port has been built, east of downtown. This gives families a chance to have a good vacation to the neighboring vacation spot, Port au Mille.


A seaport has been built in the south part of downtown, near the Metroburgh Zoo.


A new area has recently been colonized and settled in the far east of the city, right by the Air Force Base. The new marina are is a great place to shop and dine right along the river side.


Here are the sports stadiums and the new Downtown views




Hope you enjoyed. More is soon to come. Please comment! Thanks   ;)

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Looks nice..
Personally though, I'd try to reorganize your highways, there are too many of them imo, and this gives it a bit of an unrealistic look .. 

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I agree with hunkske, the highways look a bit cramped and unplanned.
Especially by the Airport. Looks very confusing.

Other than that, very good city so far! xD 

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I  like your city, I imagine it like New York, where the central island is crowded of buildings! keep uo the good work ;)

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obviously hunkske does not live in Lisbon... otherwise he'd think there needed to be more highways in the area for it to be realistic (yes it is sad but that's my city...) 

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Looking nice! Though instead of using the ubiquitous landmarks as the focal point of your skyline, try using some custom BAT's.

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@hunkske, yeah i see what you're saying i'll edit that.
@guvna, i would love too, but it won't work on my computer i've already tried. Same with the water and terrain mods. That's why i am stuck with the original and the ones that i downloaded off the simcity 4 website.

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