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K-12 Education in Peotav City

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Retep Molinari


Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying these entries as much as I enjoy making them. Please leave a comment and I am certain to get back to you!

To the post! 39.gif

Per the Reconstruction Plan (point 3), improving the the educational opportunities in Peotav and Bordav were major priorities.

Politically, Peotav was important. The region had always operated under both the benefit and the mercy of Bordav. It was imperative that the new Balboa-based government showed Peotav that its best interests were truly at heart.

Four city blocks- a totally abandoned - were chosen as the site for a new high school for 3,000 students. The facility includes athletic fields, a pool, a community garden, advanced science labs, and these things.

For full, super vivid resolution on all pics: Right click image + "View image."

Under recommended administrative guidelines, all athletic facilities were to be managed by the city's park and recreation system. This meant that the entire community could benefit from the project, justifying a significant investment.


New city-sponsored adult athletic leagues also sprung up, with a double benefit:

  • Better health and quality-of-life for the citizens
  • Economic growth from added spending (Players spend about $300 per season on gear and uniforms: 300x 20 players/team x 20 teams per league x # of sports and leagues = major spending.

This is one of the many K-8 and K-6 schools to spring up around Peotav City. Not every school could find an abandoned block to build on; this school is perched on a hillside.

Note the new light rail system being built.


Again, the parkland around schools was shared during non-school hours by the entire community. The grassy hillside here became a popular sunbathing spot! (go ice cream man, go!)


More from Peotav City soon.....


Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment!

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I like how you are using the park roads to extend the original parking of the schools. That is very creative!

Good to see trams in your city too!

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