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Black hands, white hands

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Skimbo: Thanks for your comment! As far as I know, there are no public anti-gang programs, but who knows...

Sc4playar: Thanks for commenting!

hotChocolate: ¡Gracias por tu comentario! Yes, it is a police helicopter, I didn't realized it was there when I took the pic and decided to keep it when I was photoediting it.

jj88: Thank you for your comment! I seriously doubt that Blackwater local police can afford an helicopter but if it is there maybe something has changed...

lesgaz: Thanks for commenting!

DCMetro34: Thank you for your comment! Trixies? They're still very far away...

dghh70: Thanks for commenting! Don't get used to see people's conditions improving!

k50dude: Thank you for commenting! Blackwater is also the Mecca of shooting, you'll see...

kolnikov inc: Thanks for your comment!



Workers hands in Blackwater are stained by many different substances. Those who can see their hands stained are considered lucky people who still haven't been fired of their jobs.


On this oil treatment plant, workers hands have a brown-ish colour, just like their lungs seen on a radiography. Gloves? What gloves?


After the rush hour, teachers try to do their job on Blackwater Middle School. When they see their hands covered in white because the chalk dust, they thank godness because they've been able to write something on the blackboard, and they haven't spent an entire hour saying "shut up", "go to the principal's office" and dodging paper balls.


On the coal docks that supply the power plant, workers have their hands painted black. Although they try not to touch the coal with their own hands, dust can be found everywhere until the wind carries this dust to the water. More black for Blackwater.

Bonus pic:


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Awesome update as usual
the 2nd pic & description particularly epitomises the depressing future for the kids - strangely my own school doesn't look too disimilar... only there are a couple less storeys

Nice newspaper/magazine as well 

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I just wanna say this is one of the greatest CJs on the website and Im not trying to be picky, but 25% of the nations felonies is a completely unrealistic number. Thats like Detroit times 40

It does still get the point across though, and it fits the description.

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@colonel1: Well, I guess you're right. I should have written "region" instead of "nation", this was my intention. Thanks for noticing!

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