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Welcome to Louisburg, the capital of the South!

This is my first CJ, a city I started many months ago and have been working on in bits here and there. It is still very much in development but i am eager to begin this CJ so...yea thats it haha.


-this CJ is fictious.

-this is an "alternate history" for America almost. I've made up a lot. don't get angry if your city ends up being a farm town instead of a state capitol or whatever. I'm not trying to anger you.

What to expect:

-posts every few days

-detail detail detail-I can't play much, so there will be a lot of focus on individual buildings and neighborhoods as opposed to mass produced new towns every week.

-improvement-I'm new to this. It takes a while to get going. This CJ may be a little disorganized at first, as I figure out how i'm going to do this.


To begin, there will be five types of updates

-Teaser-this is a shot or two to tide you over during periods when i'm very busy or working on more new material.

-Update-this is your traditional update of pictures and captions. usually will be around 5-15 pictures.

-History-A look into the history of the town

-Development-Highlighting new/future developments in the area. Usually a few pics with heavy info.

-Other-Anything else. Could be a newspaper, contest, sports scores, etc.

Each update will be titled like this " 'unique title'-'TYPE (#)'-'date' "

For example the first update is " Discovery-History #1-9/26/10"

Thats just about it! Enjoy. Look for a history and teaser later tonight!

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