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Update 7: Newport News EL Rail Transit

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Update 6 Replies: Subdivisions


@ Towerdude: Thanks, glad you like it. 3.gif

@ Zelgadis: Thanks for stopping by, glad I achieved the Japenese-type look. 

@ _Marsh_: I used lots of Glenni, and Mattb325 lots, so it does have a European feel, thanks!

@ Molooo: Glad this CJ is unique. Thanks for stopping by. 

@ JGellock: Thanks for the comment! I love E-N's work....and is still coming out with new lots, as far as I'm concerned. I got all the lots from that update at this site. You can get it too! 

@ Bob Newbie: Thanks, and the subway station is just subway station....but looks pretty cool, so I placed it in my city. 


Update 7: Newport News EL Rail Transit

Hi, back after a while, and I have some more pics of Newport News EL Rail transportation. Hope you enjoy!  

So...let's get started...


A NRT (Newport Rapid Transit) EL train passes by the Kensington Building.


Farther down the road, the train passes by a downtown suburb, on its way to Federal Station.


An NRT train rumbles past an uptown school (North Newport High School) on a bright sunny morning.


Commuters head through Federal Station towards the CBD for the their night shifts. Trains operate almost all night.


An EL train passes through a modest neighborhood hidden by the skyline just to the west. 


Only one lone train can be found crossing the Wautiga Bay around high noon on a beautiful weekday. 

Thanks for viewing, and commenting!



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Wonderful looking rail! And the view of the river ought to make for a nice commute
If you don't mind my asking, where did you those flats by the station in the second picture?

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@ The BlueJay: I am not exactly sure about the apartments at the moment....but I will keep looking!

@ Blakeway: The mod can be found here.

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NIce job! I love it! [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/fckEditor/editor/../../forum/i/expressions/44.gif[/img]

Where did you get the blue checkered building in the first photo?

And where did you get the apartment looking building in the second photo?

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