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Mattesburgh: Spain Town

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Paulobergonci: Thanks!

Schulmanator: Thank you!

DrumMaster4: Thanks!

babagamooshe: Imagine... Tropical paradise... Beach... Isolated... The rich are always attracted to that! But there are some apartments if your budged is too low to afford the other homes.

I bet some of you thought this one was dead, didn't ya? 2.gif Well no, it isn't! I'm back and so is Mattesburgh! Want to know some info about its country? Visit the Cities XL Union Wiki! There you find an article about Layreth and its cities. There are two other major towns there, Port Hawson and Dupont! I am currently building Dupont and, who knows? A new CJ will sprout from it!

But enough blabber about Layreth. Some time ago, as you may know, I mentioned a new neighborhood in Mattesburgh named Spain Town, which, as the name points out, is a small neighbourhood near downtown full of Spanish-styled villas for the rich. Some pics:


An overview of the neighborhood.


The whole city, Spain Town on the lower left corner.


The neighborhood itself is very old. There are a lot of charming quaint villas, and also some bigger buildings, like this one.


The roof of the High School has some nice views!


Lazy and rich Elites spend their evenings blabbering at the pool.


A view of Spain Town from Tellemon Ave.


Park Road crossing with Marinora Street. (Yup, ludmamm - I do have a street with the name of your CJ2.gif) It offers very nice skyline views!


Sometimes, if you search enough, you can find some modern housing here.


Mattesburgh is not entirely urban. There are many places to sit and enjoy nature, such as the joint of the Waven and Gewyl rivers.


The excellent view from the roof of a home.

Well, that was it, hope you enjoyed. Now I have to wait 'till my broken clavicle gets right. See you!

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