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AstroZen part II

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kolnikov inc


                                         AstroZen is the name of a corporate pharmaceutical research company and its affiliated research laboratories.

The facilities are located off of i-15 east-bound on Zen Ave and Canal St.


Astrozen's endless list of pattens and its million dollar revenue make it the largest and most successful pharmaceutical research company in the U.N. The corporation's most luctrative products include Opana® (an extended-release oxyMorphone tablet) and Vyvance® (an experimental CNS stimulant pro-drug).


With over 31 million dollars in annual revenue, AstroZen's contribution to the Principality of Valence cannot go unseen.

Along with major donations to UVal, the company's main achievement is the sponsorship of the 'Interior Highway One Five' (or i-15).

                                                                           Interior Highway One Five (or i-15)


                                                        __(i-15)_Interior Highway: ZEN ST EAST and WEST bound exits.                               

ionefive.jpg              Interior Highway: rail overpass                                 



.a RIDDLE brought to you by Vyvance®

                                                           ..if four full views are equal to or less than two fools who mine ore..then what is the mind for?zoomedoutpic1.jpg

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thanks everyone..hopefully i will finish the next update before the afternoon..
@kingdiz_55 ..im aware of the 'lack of traffic' issue, unless theres a mod for it, theres very little to do to fix it when you play the game in pause and plop everything...this journal, at least at this stage, depicts 'unnatural growth'

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