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Celadon City

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Welcome to Celadon City. It is the second biggest city in the region after Saffron City. It is the fastest growing city in terms of population, and will be bigger than Saffron in less than 10 years.


Ash Ketchum is now the face of PokeMobile



Celadon City Gym. It is one of the region's first "Green" Buildings. The Gym Leader is the beautiful Erica, who is also now the proud owner of Celadon Perfume Industries. She specializes in Grass-type Pokemon.


Just steps away from the gym is the Celadon Perfume Industries Head Office, makers of top of the line Fragrance lines such as Misty (Misty's own fragrance), GARY, the top selling perfume for men, and of course, Erica's own fragrance, "Scentsation by Erica.". It is the tallest skyscraper in the city. It also houses the Celadon Shangri-la Hotel.





Silph Co. Tower. The headquarters of Team Rocket.


Thanks for Visiting

Next Stop: Fuschia City

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The cities look wonderful, but I think the photo-editing is a little...excessive. The first ones are mostly fine, if bright, but the last one did have my clutching at my eyeballs for a while. Just my personal opinion, obviously! Others may disagree

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Thanks everyone!

@The Bluejay - the last one was actually a mistake. I edited it right, then I was supposed to save the whole thing as a batch, but apparently that was the only one saved, I didn't know it was saved, so I accidentally added the colour thing again, so basically it was done twice on that pic lol, and i was too lazy to take another screen shot XD

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 Great editing work, now where can I get one of those pokemobiles all I have is a poketech 

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Nice cities!  I used to play Pokémon (starting with the original Blue version as a kid; I lost interest in it just a few months ago), and it was my favorite game aside from the SimCity series.

(Although if you wanted to stay accurate with the Pokémon storyline, the Silph Co. tower should be in Saffron, not Celadon.)

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@houston_fan:  i was hoping no one would notice! ahaha.. yeah i realized that right as i was editing this but was too lazy to do it again LOL.. but i think ima do it again, coz i forgot the Casino and department store for Celadon! XD 

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