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(Interactive) Choose trams for the Cities!

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Retep Molinari


You're going to help me pick tram skins!

With a nation-wide light rail expansion, new rolling stock was needed, perticulliary for those cities without existing systems. The government put out a bid for light rail vehicles that matched the following criteria:

  • Low-floor design
  • Can operate as a subway, surface light rail, or elevated rail.
  • Can operate smoothly at speeds up to 60 MPH
These specifications were all about making a unified system, long-term cost savings in manufacturing costs, and efficient service.

Six companies have developed 15 new light rail trains that fit these specifications, and are all found below:


The Question: What tram styles do you want to see in what city?

Here is a guide of the cities on Syldav Island, so you can get a sense for the look and feel and for what tram would look good. (links take you to a page on the relevant City Journal)


Balboa City

East Port


Mario City

Shozhod (also see this update for the City's new landmark!)




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I am liking this interactive choice! Here are some of my picks...
  • Because Mario City is modern and vibrant, I think it needs a tram that matches that vibe---I'm going with LOG for Mario City
  • The rolling stock in Balboa was turquoise, and I thinking keeping a greenish look is a good thing---I'm going with DART for Balboa
  • I'm still waiting on an Alov Transit Map!!! I think of green when I think of Alov. Maybe its because of the green parks downtown and the baseball stadium---Im going with LBV2 for Alov
  • For Klov, I like LBV3
  • Sproji has that old meets new---so I'm going with TLL
  • For Eastport, I think DLR1 is a good fit
  • Taraville is an eclectic city, so I'm going with PMPK
  • Sponztav needs some life and vibrancy, so its IEIC for that city
  • And finally, Shozhod and its monster urban core...I like TPF2!
I think I got them all covered... really cool idea you have going on here!

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This is still a great cj! I would choose between PMPK, IEIC, or LOG.

My choice though is PMPK. I am looking forward to more of this cj, keep up the good work!

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