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Who's paying for this!?

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Retep Molinari


As you may have been reading, Balboa led the reunification of all of Syldav Island in 2000. This has resulted in a major construction effort, as outlined here.

Sounds great and all, but, uh, how is all of that getting paid for?

Here is the immediate plan:

Consolidate Military

Armies are expensive. Four of them are really expensive. The first move was to consolidate the militaries of Balboa and Syldav and largely disband the militaries of Peotav and Bordav. Many of the no longer needed military men and women were moved directly into local police forces in Pieta and Brava, where police presence was thin.

Excess hardware (i.e. planes, ships, etc.) were also sold to foreign nations or traded for raw materials needed in the reconstruction (the later proved more efficent).

(Tanks being transported by train for shipping)


Equalize Taxes

Like in the United States, many small localities had varying tax levels. A wealthy suburb may have really low taxes at the cost of an urban core. In Brava, and North Shozhod in particular, this was a major problem. Taxes were equalized by geography and raised on the wealthiest individuals.

Drop Oil

With domestic reserves depleted, Syldav Island was forced to import all of its oil supplies. By moving quickly away from oil usage, Syldav Island can make immediate savings to the national and private treasuries: not only does the government save money, but individual citizens will have more money in their pockets as well.

Domestic Manufacturing

To the degree possible, the work of rebuilding Syldav must take place domestically. This provides new opportunities to once shuttered factories. This includes the rolling stock for the massive light rail expansion taking place nation-wide.

Check out the next post for some interactive fun! 


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