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Introduction to Centraal Henenval

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Some replies:

Samerton - Thanks for the positive feedback :) this is my first CJ so I was a bit apprehensive of how it'd start off there's pics in this entry :P

Vivipanda - Bedankt en Natuurlijk I'm half-dutch so I wanted to create a Dutch-based CJ.

Welcome to Centraal Henenval!

The largest residential district of Henenval and the administrative capital of the city-state is Centraal Henenval (sometimes refered to as simply "Centraal") located in the centre of the Kingdom the majority of Henenval's 2.5 million citizens live here.

History of Centraal

Centraal was the second district of Henenval to be founded (in the year 2021) and quickly became a popular place to live for the locals. As the years went by Centraal grew larger, an expansive canal network was constructed in 2025 and rail traffic boomed. However in 2035, troubles on the old continents resulted in a huge influx of refugees pushing the city's population to it's current levels and putting strain on the now limited space. As a result of this many of the original canals were filled in and built over, leaving the current canal system as a shadow of it's former glory. The rail line was sunk, carparks began being built underground and a new rapid transit network was constructed to provide relief for the over-used roads.

Centraal Henenval Rapid Transit

More of the rapid transit system will be discussed in later entries.

Consisting of several tram lines, bus routes with specially dedicated bus-ways and a large subway network; Centraal's rapid-transit network is jointly operated by CAOV (Central Public Transit Authority) who manage the bus and subway networks (and some tram services) and Connexxion (a real-world Dutch company) who provide inter-district and tram services, the rapid transit system is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the district.

That's all for the update here are some pictures of Centraal Henenval is it's devolopment stage.



As you can see the city is still in the process of being built, population figures are not present figures rather those that I hope to achieve.

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