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Mini-Update: Current Region Views

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Just a small update because I wanted to show you what the region is currently looking like.



And this is just something extra, unrelated......I think this region is going to be my next CJ. I rendered it from my daughter's ultrasound image, I think it will look nice with lots of detailed landscaping. Definitely a more challenging and ambitious region than this one.....and also 4x larger:


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Never mind that plaza thing, I'm no experienced builder at all, just recently started to customize and really play with the game. Thus, I read several threads and CJs here on this site and there are some (actually a whole lot) I feel really impressed with - and sometimes a little embarassed with my own work. However, I got plenty to do in RL, so I can't invest so much time and do it for rather relaxing purpose. Occasionally I stumble over those little details, like when I was very interested in your residential areas (I alway dig those street trees).

I think the idea of choosing an ultrasound picture is very unique... one question about your current region: Will there be more farmland in the SW corner of the map or are you gonna expand the city there?

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Thanks again for the comments, appreciated.

@ Apankou - I'm the same way I pore over details of impressive CJs here and I know I will never match them. It's still fun to try ;)

As for the SW corner, that's going to be an industrial seaport town, it's planned to be the slummiest area of the whole region. The skyscrapers will extend down into the SE corner, where I will have more of a commercial port city....Farms will be in both northern corners.  Thanks for taking interest in my CJ, I appreciate it. And i still agree with your assessment of the plaza thing, you actually found an idiosyncracy in my building style. I know that the ped-malls are there in the park menu, and yet I always use plazas. I need to actively make myself stop doing this in areas where the pedestrian malls would clearly look better.

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