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Vermillion City

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Vermillion City is the third biggest city in the region.

vermillion03.jpgVermillion City is home to the region's biggest Electrical Company, the Voltorb Corporation. (This is originally the City Tower) 

vermillion04.jpgThe Lower Westside is an ideal place to live because it's close to the shore.




The world famous Vermillion City Gym. It's located on a freestanding structure. The Golden Ball is divided into three levels. First level is the gym, second level is a restaurant with a view of the gym, so every Pokemon trainer who battles here must be confident because there are usually a lot of people watching, and the third level is an observatory. Lt. Surge is the Pokemon Gym Leader of Vermillion and he specializes in Electric Pokemon. People should avoid battling on days with thunderstorms because this tower attracts lightning and it makes his Pokemon a lot stronger.

vermillion08.jpgVermillion at night


The Vermillion Passenger Port, where the famous S.S. Anne docks


The Famous Luxury Liner S.S. Anne


The Vermillion Port


Northeast of Vermillion City, is Diglett's Cave. This cave apparently runs underground all the way to the Viridian Forest.


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So how's the food at the Vermillion Gym restaurant. I hope they serve good riceballs... I mean, sandwiches. Hehehehehe...

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 @skitbil: i'm not too sure about the menu lol

@darkcross110: yes! originally, i was gonna include seafoam island with vermillion city, because i thought they were close to each other, but it was actually fuschia city that was close to seafoam, so fuschia city and seafoam island is going to be on one entry.  cinabar island is gonna be on the works too : )

@schulmanator: thanks! and thanks everyone for viewing : )

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