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The City of Ashburke

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    The colony Ashburke has the most population in Selden at 19,218. The mayor of the city is named Hunter Jones. Here is a picture of the colony of Ashburke. 



   In Ashburke there is an attraction point in the middle of the city called The Center of Attention. It has a casino, MLB stadium, a convention center, a museum, and a radio station. Ladies and gentlemen The Center of Attention.


  The name of the baseball is the Ashburke Apples. They have this name because of the amount of apple farms in Ashburke. Here is a picture of Apple Farm.


  The casino is called Gamblesters Casino. It is the most popular casino in Selden. Here is Gamblesters.


   Then there is Ashburkian Arena. It is a silver dome.


   The Vehicles Through The Ages, museum has all different exhibits.                                                                                                         


   The radio station in Ashburke is 160.1 ILB. "The news, traffic, new music, old music, and more on 160.1 ILB" that's the commercial for ILB.


   There is this high and medium wealth community. The way it grew looks beautiful.

ashburkejun138812807189.png   Right next to the community there is a high and medium wealth commercial area.

ashburkesep212321283377.png   In a different commercial area there is the Ashburke Opera House. Here it is. 


   Here are some suburbs.



ashburkeaug272471283635.png  Here is a north part.

ashburkenov924712836354.png   Here is a Retail Store Mall.


   That's Ashburke.

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Recommended Comments

Wow! Totally awesome work! Your suburbs look great. If I could make a suggestion, adding some god mode trees as fillers between zones would look really great. Keep it up!


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I think you should get some more custom content for your low-density commercial area. But with Adam on the suburbs, they look really good!  

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Good work! You might want to consider getting rid of those red power lines, and replace them with grey/undergound power lines. Pegasus has a couple of different power mods on the STEX

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