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The New Forest

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Replies and a few questions...

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Towerdude - Thank you, it's still not as good as Hong Kong 3.gif

-?Maître? - Thanks 1.gif

tankmank - More is on the way 2.gif

Cacks - Thanks mate, there will be moar 1.gif

Reikhardt - It took a lot of time on Paint to get that to work, thanks 4.gif

Tigera - Thank you 1.gif

DrumMaster4 - It took ages to terraform all that 2.gif

kolnikov inc - Thank you 1.gif

simfreak90 - Thanks 9.gif

sloid - I think that I'm using the Columbus Terrain Mod, it's on the STEX 19.gif

Vlasky - Thnk you for your comment 4.gif

sneakypete - This tile is the smallest there, I really had to cram it all in 1.gif

Jetty Jockey - I feel honoured, thank you 1.gif

The Problem

Don't worry, I haven't managed to corrupt it all yet, but I still do have an issue. 

The thing is, I made that little city just as a test, it's the

only city in the region, but I've managed to place it completely wrong so it's facing north-west. The region which I started it in was just an Auto-Gen one so I can't really fit any part of the forest in there, so I have several options.

1. See if any mapmakers will make me a region of the forest.

2. Continue using the region I've already started now, bearing in mind the the orientation is the wrong way.

3. Restart the entire thing by using a custom config.bmp and see if I can place it right this time.

4. Use this region here: www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm which only contains the east of the forest

5. See if any of you guys could find me some terrain data, 'coz I have absolutely no Idea where to find terrain data for the UK

Please tell me which Idea you prefer in the comments section, I'll do a vote. See y'all later 9.gif


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Someone more knowledgeable than I will be able to better advise, but I think you should be able to start a new region and import this city into it....

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Hmmm. I understand your problem you could use the import thing (on the region view toolbar although I never tried it) If you want I can no-probs make a map of that area . just PM mee ;)

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Thank you, i fell kinda lost on STEX becuase there arn't a lot of things from home. (UK) But you have mangaecd to stunnningly recreate a part of England only an hour from Waterloo!

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