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It's dead when I say it's dead!

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Sorry about the lack of updates. If you didn't know yet, I have volunteered to make Nyhaven: An Engineer's View updates in Illu'a. The banner below made by woodb3kmaster links to the latest Nyhaven update (It links to the SC4D version because I'm lazy).


But don't worry! Invernessen will not be neglected! Here is the first picture of the next update. Guess what's going to happen next...

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Emgmod,  Keep up the hard work.  I just found your CJ today and I like it a ton!  Got a bunch of questions for you though...

1) How did you create the ground textures...i.e. the maps...(grass, trees, mountains and such)? my maps are always the same and slightly boring...
2) I am big on designing airports...so the above teaser looks awesome...  Question, did that 737 get photoshoped in, or did you actually replace the in game aircraft...if so, How?  I already have the eye candy aircraft...now I just wish they would actually function...
3) In your early pages of Invernessen I am wondering...how did you get the fences around the farms?

I think that is all for now.  Can't wait to see where this CJ goes!

Great work!


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 Sounds great. I recently found this just now, and I love it!

And I agree with BootyMMI. I would also like those questions answered.

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