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Pallet Town

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The town centre. Tallest building is the town's one and only hospital.


Professor Oak's House/Lab


The famous Windmills of Pallet Town


Pallet Town is also a farming town


The Bridge leading to the other side of Pallet Town which also leads to our next destination, Viridian City.

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wow, iwas thinking of doing this for the honen reigon, just couldnt be botherd to make the landmass. Why is it not like the game with no roads? I would use the SAM and a advanced research centre for Oaks lab. Dont forget the mangnet train!

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 @armpit43(lol) : u should! but actually i'm only familiar with this region lol.. i only played blue, yellow, and red, and only watched the first season of pokemon.  i don't think i can handle more than 151 pokemon (152 including togepi ^^)

I actually used the advanced research centre first, but then I was like, it's too big to be a 'house' lol.. so i was like, maybe a castle, it would be good enough to be a lab and a house lol.  oh, and on the aesthetics side, i'm basing this more on the show.. actually that's how I really got into making this.. i was rewatching the first season lol. 

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