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Welcome To Prattsville

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Detective Stan



Prattsville was founded in 1826 by some deserters of the U.S. Army. Until 1850, it was only a couple of huts with a little store, but when a bunch of travelling farmers who were coming from Purgatory Creek bumped into the city and decided to settle there, the little camp become a bigger town. The city grew quickly, due to the fact that it was on a major route, used by the traders of the area. The fertile fields on the West bank of the West River were the right places for the farmers who have founded Prattsville and in a short time the economy of the area grew quickly aswell as the population.

During the last 50's-early '60s, Pratsville became a major settlement in the region, and many famous people from the State capital went there to spend their holidays. But Prattsville became very important during the American Civil War between 1861-1865. When the war broke out, Prattsville sided with the Union Army and it was used as a point of reference by the Army. George Sherman himself visited the city several times until late 1862, when the city was captured by the Confederacy and became a trouble spot. The Confederation set up a headquarter in Prattsville, but in the summer of 1863 Sherman came back with his troops and defeated the Confederates, freeing the city. Sherman went to Prattsville even after the war and he also bought a house there.

In 1912, the city was almost destroyed by a fire which started in the town hall. Many historical buildings burnt down and the people of Prattsville left the old town and built a new one, closer to the West River. Two years later it was established as a city and it also became the county seat

of the Pitt County. During the XX century, Prattsville faced ups and downs in terms of population, reaching the 5.000 people at these days.

Although its farms are still important in the economy of the county, Pittsville has also a small industrial area, composed primarly of local heavy industries. The tourism is also important, and it probably will become the main income of the entire county. As of now, it's impossible to foretell the future of Prattsville. Will it

become a major settlement of the county, or it will be left by the few people who still live there?


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