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Denver hit!

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      7:00 A.M. Denver largest city in Bayside east

       army base radar center

        Captain! We have four unadentefied objects approaching! Track it! said the captain. First one 10 miles and closing. 

  Ready the airbases! Scramble fighters! Put us on yellow alert! Sir! shall we prepare the silos? Yes. Alarms begin blaring. First one coming.  Its headed for the northeast industrial! Boom! Ahuge flash of light comes in A mushroom appears. Number two headed for downtown! Boom! We can't see the bell towers! The franklin buildings gone too! Begin firing silos! Yes sir! Number 3 Going in for state circle! Boom! Number four shoot it down! Planes fly toward the last one. Targeting lock on! Fire! Deadly missles shoot out at the missle! Boom. We got the last one! Sir we have 20,000 dead at least half the citie's uninhabitable. Man we must start rebuilding imediatly! We must clean up the radiation! Sir missles headed for westown! We have to warn them. They do not deserve our fate.


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CJ's without pictures have been really bothering me. So i'm just gonna go ahead and make a "how to post pictures on your CJ" for you, and a bunch of others.

Step 1: Find imageshack on google.

Step 2: Make an account for imageshack and register yourself. If you already have an account then simply log in. (other image hosting sites such as photobucket can also be used).

Step 3: After having made your account, upload your pictures onto imageshack.

Step 4: After uploading your pictures you will see all your pictures neatly uploaded onto imageshack. Each picture is assigned what is called a "direct link" this is vital for uploading your pictures.
Your direct link will look something like this http://a.imageshack.us/img888/8888/dadadadada.png

Step 5: Go ahead and open up your CJ on Simtropolis in a new window or tab.

Step 6: Find the "insert/edit image" button (its a yellowish button, with what looks like mountains on it).

Step 7: Copy the "direct link" from one of your pictures on imageshack, and paste it onto the space titled "URL"

Step 8: Click ok, and your picture should be on your CJ.

This is all very simple and easy, and I suggest that you start posting some pictures, because if I just wanted to read something I would grab a book written by a more established author. It's important to have pictures on your CJ, and you really shouldn't be making a CJ if you don't know how to post pictures; you should first try to figure it out yourself or ask someone.

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