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Goverment and the region of Lindenhurst

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          Our government has changed since the fall of the bombs. We were once a republic but there was a lot of poverty because of it. So our government changed once again to a constitutional monarchy. The monarch is elected by the people. This monarch must be qualified to lead our people. They must have a proper education, they should politics, they should know the entire constitution and how it functions legally, and must know how to be a leader.

         Now the region of Lindenhurst has population of 54,000 people which is pretty good. More and more people from Australia and New Zealand have started immigrating here. We have open arms in greeting them. Every year 50,000 of them migrate here altogether. That means next year we should have a populous of 100,000 people. Currently Seldon is also gaining a large populous from Mexico and California. They have a population of 48,000. Now lets look at a birds eye view of the region of Lindenhurst.



This is the populated area of Lindenhurst. The most populated area is Babylon. It has a growing bussiness district. Most bussinessess thrive on immigration from other countries. The bussiness help them get started in this country by helping them get a house, car, and job.

lindenhurstconfederatio.pngThis area is not habited at all. Construction will start there soon though. Come back for more as the tensions between Seldon and Lindenhurst heat up.

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