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Downtown: Part Two

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Here is the second part of downtown

Here is the Topmast District, just south of the CBD. It is named partly for the wooden sailing ship found in the harbor and the tall residential towers.


Here is a general overhead shot.


Two larger mixed use buidings. Both offer condos and office/retail space.


A busy construction site.


Stark contrast. Luxury apartments, a large tenement, and modest rowhouses.


The Wacker Street Building is framed by smaller buildings and the channel. Oil tanks and the breakbulk harbor can also be seen.


Wow that building is ugly.


The interchanges and the highways that form a ring around the CBD are always jam packed. This is taken in an off hour.


That's all. I am trying to squeeze in as many updates as I can now, before school starts. Then only expect an update once a week, maybe even less.

Hope you enjoy!

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Twin Cities? As in the Twin Cities in Minnesota? Or, are these just 2 cities?

~ Joey..

Also, for those who follow my CJ, I'm creating a pretty major city, and will make it into a CJ. More on that later \

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Well not really two cities... but there are two distinct areas of the city that both have downtown areas but are still the same city. Kind of like Winston-Salem, if you've ever been there.

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Yea, I went back to your first post and read through it, I just read the title and asked the question lol..


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