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Episode 1.2- Pleasantville

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Episode 1.2: Pleasantville

It had been nearly a month since the accidental discovery of the Enchanted Island. As you could well expect, the people of both Dublin, Ireland and New York City are getting very nervous. Radio communication was impossible because most electric sources were consumed by the powers of the island. So 3 other ships were released to search for the missing parties.


The people of Dublin and NYC thought that they were blown into the Bermuda Triangle, also home to many untold powers. And perhaps a whirlpool or "sea monster" "ate" them. However this enchanted island has always been unheard of, as well as it's powers, which can destroy the earth in one command. Eventually, a ship came nearby this island. And then a strange force started pulling the ship toward the island, as if it was a magnet.


So with that in mind, a few minutes later, the ship spotted this town, as well as the other oil tanker docked. The ship sounded it's huge horn, and then docked up next to lost one.



Making it necessary to expand the town.

It grew so much in fact, they thought that it would be worthy of a name. That of which is Pleasantville


Also here is a small family onboard that first ship that went astray. This is the family that this DD will be based on almost entirely.

Ryess: She is the mother of the 2 children in the family. Age: 37

Hidem and Achoro are the 2 children. Hidem being the girl, and Achoro being the boy. Hidem's age: 10. Achoro's age: 9

Adon: This is the head of the family. And the father (doh!) Age: 44

Please post your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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I found the name somehow attractive... The first pics ain't bad either... let's see how it develops....

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