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Chapter 8 : East Banks, Selbring City (more pictures)

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Personal Message:

This is a continuation of last week's entry. More pictures that's all. It might not be so spectacular but I hope you guys liked it. More night shots pictures as well.


Chapter 8 : East Banks, Selbring City (Part 2)

Previously, I focused more on the landmarks in the district, now it's more into the commercial sections of the district. East Banks boasts a great number of fashion boutiques with well known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach and many more.

Here are the pictures:


Pic A : East Banks Bus Terminal and Duxton MRS Station on the right. This bus terminal has 16 Berths with 14 different bus services based there.


Pic B : East Bridge Avenue is home to many high-end and popular eateries.


Pic C : An overcast sky before a storm as we look at Benjamin Avenue Estate. Pockets of residential development exist in the commercial district with housing prices soaring continuously.


Pic D : The upper section of Bridge East Boulevard and the commercial development. Terena Park is seen at the lower part of the picture.


Pic E : Automobile Avenue and the vicinity at night.


Pic F : Towers 1 and 2 of Honshau Foundations Building along Jenkan Avenue.


Pic G : The landmark East Banks Library at night.


Pic H : 21@East Banks is the largest shopping mall in the district. It boasts 5 storeys of shopping outlets, 100 different dining outlets, a supermarket, a cinema with 6 halls and an entertainment centre.


Pic I : The MRS(Mass Rapid System) Nagan Station, is the terminal for the Blue Line that runs throughout the district.


Pic J : Battery Lane Roundabout at night. This is a popular place for shoppers as there are many boutiques in the district.


Pic K : Terena Park at night. Paddle Boats are available for rent at night at a higher rate of TG$20 per hour. It is a popular spot for couples and every year during Valentines Day, there are celebrations and numerous flower stands selling Valentines Day gifts and of course, flowers!

Well that is all I have, I think it is time to get back home for a rest.

By the way, during the last entry, I held a vote regarding a venue to be chosen, here's the recap...


The Governor of Cannasera will be visiting the city in September and the Ministry of Home Affairs have ordered a meeting as to where the Governor's public meeting and talk will be held. The 6 sites above are the chosen sites for the event. Your job is to help vote for the venue.

The Venues are below, with each venue labelled with a number. For more information on these venues, refer to the previous entry for a description of each of them.


Please vote:

1. Selbring Memorial Hall

2. Central Library

3. Gramocian Hall

4. The Selbring Arts Museum

5. St.Helens Court

6. Old Central Police Headquarters

Current Results(as of 27 Aug) :

Site 3 : Gramocian Hall - 4 votes

Site 4 : The Selbring Arts Museum - 1 vote

Site 5 : St.Helens Court - 1 vote

Site 6 : Old Central Police Headquarters - 5 votes

VOTING HAS CLOSED! Thank You! The coming entry will be about the event and your voted venue.  

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@Reikhardt : Lol thanks for the compliment. I'm using the normal maxis night. but i edited the pictures with Photoshop, using Dodge tool to brighten up the lightings. Anyway you might wanna vote for the venue?

@Guibanez_ : Thank you very much (: Do vote for the venue. Polls are open till 27th August.

@lucasey : Thank you, appreciate it! :D  Do vote for the venue. Polls are open till 27th August.

@evertonforever1 : I copied the direct link from Imageshack and just pasted in the details section. (e.g. <img src="http://a.imageshack.us/img42/5157/smallcjbanner.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/>    )

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@runnerguy347 : It's the Japanese Wall Packs. Here's the link " http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=17875 "

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 Hi, I have a question .... where did you get the mod to make roads a sense have more than two lanes? thanks ..... and certainly a beautiful CJ

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jdo0513 : are u refering to the 3 laned roads? They are actually done using the Network Widening Mod. It's a NAM extension. u can download it on the STEX. :D

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